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I have many Cath Kidston bags for sale because my aunt ordered too many by mistake!
They’re all brand new and unused. Comes with a protective wrapping and a thin bag, I also do gift-wrapping if you are getting it for someone (great for christmas presents)
They’re really pretty and roomy with compartments inside. The material is easy to clean too.

Prices are in SGD
$65 (usually 55 pounds)

Day bags-
$55 (usually 45 pounds)
Briar rose print x2
Bird print x2
Blue Bunch flowers print x 1
Pink Provence Rose x 1

*Prices are negotiable if you are buying more than one :-) You can email me at: (title: Cath kidston) and I will send you pictures.

Hey guys, please help me advertise this! I’m also offering commission if you can sell the bag(s), for anyone who wants to earn a bit of money :)

seventy four.

I am having so much fun ever since we got a new oven- mini-quiche like thingys, jam/nutella tarts, apple crumble, peach puffs. 

To-cook list:

1. Veggie burgers/patties. 

I tried the tofu/mushroom/caramelized onions/tofu burger at Relish today and it was okay but it wasn’t spectacular so it inspired me to try to make a good vegan burger.

2. Nigella’s vegan raisin rum cake

Not because it’s vegan but because it just sounds good and it sounds so simple.

3. Bobo cha cha

From my grandma :-)

4. Apple cinnamon turnovers

5. Tempura 

I want to get one of those tinned tart moulds, like muffin moulds. I need to stock up on moulds: tart, muffin, cupcake, muffin tops. And dutch-processed cocoa powder, I really want to try it.

seventy four.

I received the last of my lit books yesterday! :-) It’s so fun receiving packages. Now I’ve got all the books except for my Camus D: RETURN IT TO ME FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I won’t get mad! D: 

The Waiting Years, cover

Finished The Waiting Years (Enchi Fumiko) and I really like it, but it has the translated-from-Japanese quality, there’s something missing in the english language that fails to capture ‘life’ I think. But anyway it’s an easy read, I finished it in 2 days :-o It tells the story of an upper class Japanese woman, wife of a political figure and the scandalous relationships between her husband and other women- but all told very simply and tastefully. I’m not going to spoil the plot for you, but I don’t think the story is about the plot, its just, like how the story is written/mode of narrative is beautiful.

seventy three.

It’s a good thing I missed school today, I spent the whole day settling the printing business for the LOOP, I really hope it turns out well :x

I also arranged my craft supplies! :-) And did a lot of crafting with Jade, it was fun. We made little wallets that are so cute, might be selling them real cheap, do keep a lookout!